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The inaugural meeting of steel structure construction manufacturing committee held

2022/8/12 14:19

On Aug 2, the inaugural meeting of the steel structure construction manufacturing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "committee") jointly sponsored by China Iron and Steel Association, China real estate industry association, China Steel Construction Association, China Building Metal Structure Association and China Building Energy Conservation Association was held in Beijing. Delegates from ministries and commissions, industry associations, scientific research institutes, and relevant units of the industrial chain gathered and discussed the development plan of the steel structure industry and jointly planed to create a green and low-carbon ecosystem of the industry chain to promote the integrated development, transformation and upgrading of multiple industries, under the background of the "double carbon" strategy with the Committee as the platform.

 He Wenbo, executive Chairman of China Iron and Steel Association addressed the meeting. Jiang Wei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of CISA, presided over the meeting.

(China Iron and Steel Association)

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