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The launching ceremony of iron ore and steel EPD successfully held

2023/1/19 20:01

  On January 11, the launching ceremony of the iron ore EPD (environmental product declaration) and the centralized release ceremony of the steel EPD, sponsored by the China Iron and Steel Association and undertaken by the Ouyeel, was held in Shanghai. 6 iron ore EPDs were successfully launched globally and 20 steel EPDs were successfully released in a centralized manner. 

  Since the steel EPD platform was launched on May 19, 2022, it has received extensive social attention and industry influence. This iron ore EPD is the first in the world, representing a new level of the steel industry EPD platform. It is an important milestone in the development process of the platform, and has the following important significance: First, this iron ore EPD is the world’s first, which is significant and far-reaching for the green and low-carbon development of the steel industry chain; Second, the EPD platform of the steel industry, as an important platform for the high-quality environmental performance evaluation of the steel industry chain, focuses on steel products, and actively expands the upstream industry to help the low-carbon development and green transformation; Third, the release of iron ore EPD will help downstream enterprises to obtain accurate environmental information of upstream materials, achieve green procurement, and help enterprises to formulate and achieve a more scientific carbon reduction roadmap through the evaluation of product life-cycle environmental performance. 

  At this release ceremony, 20 EPD reports of steel enterprises including Shougang, Shagang, Baotou Steel, Jiuquan Steel, Wantai Special Steel, Zhanjiang Steel, Chongqing Steel, Hubei Steel and Bayi Steel were released in a centralized manner, showing that Chinese steel enterprises are taking active actions to promote the green and low-carbon transformation and development in the face of the "double carbon" goal. China's steel industry is striving to become the explorer and pioneer of the world's green and low-carbon steel development and intelligent manufacturing. 

  Jiang Wei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of CISA attended the release ceremony and delivered a concluding speech.

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