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He Wenbo: Work together to build a more efficient green-steel, green-energy and green financial synergy ecosystem

2023/3/8 9:57

"Achieving the goal of double carbon is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee. It is our solemn commitment to the international community, and  an inherent requirement to promote high-quality development. Green and low carbon is a systematic project related to the healthy development and sustainable prosperity of the whole society. It is not a matter of an enterprise or an industry. Before this new era proposition, every industry will meet new challenges and will be discovering opportunities in the war. " He Wenbo, secretary of the Party Committee and executive chairman of the China Iron and Steel Association(CISA), said in his speech when participating the integration conference of green steel, green energy and green finance industries held in Jiayuguan City, Gansu Province on March 2.  

In his speech, He Wenbo first introduced China's steel industry performance in 2022. Since 2022, due to the turbulence of the international political and security situation and the COVID-19, the downstream industry has weakened, the steel price declined, and the cost of raw materials and fuels rosen. The external environment is extremely severe. In this case, the steel industry adhered to the response policy of "rational market judgment, realistic concrete measures, and positive overall response", made great efforts to reduce costs and increase efficiency, strictly controlled operational risks, and made efforts to maintain the dynamic balance of market supply and demand, achieving the overall stable operation of the industry, and played an important role in stabilizing the development of the national economy and comprehensively meeting the market demand. 

He Wenbo pointed out that it is to focus on a fundamental task: comprehensively improve the basic capacity of the industry and the modernization of the industrial chain; Adhere to two major development themes: green low-carbon and intelligent manufacturing; Focus on solving three major pain points: control capacity expansion, promote industrial concentration, and ensure resource security; Continue to promote a process: continue to promote the internationalization of China's steel industry. 

He Wenbo further explained the key work promotion system formed by CISA, including two basic measures, three major renovation projects and two industrial development plans, which can be called the' 232 'key work promotion system." The two basic measures refer to "research and promote the new mechanism of capacity governance" and "optimize and improve the policy guidance of joint restructuring".  The three major transformation projects refer to the continuous promotion of the three major transformation projects of "capacity replacement", "ultra-low emissions" and "extreme energy efficiency", and strive to promote green and low-carbon development and improve industrial competitiveness. The two major industrial development plans refer to the "cornerstone plan" for the purpose of ensuring the safety of resources supply and the "steel application expansion plan" for the purpose of expanding the application space of steel materials.

He Wenbo also mentioned that the industry development space could be expanded  by expanding upstream and downstream cooperation , so as to maximize the release of the green characteristics of steel materials themselves.


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