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About us

Established in 1988, MC-CCPIT is an organization engaged in promoting international trade and economic & technological cooperation for China’s metallurgical industry. MC-CCPIT carries out a variety of international exchange activities under the governance of laws and regulations of PRC to promote international trade and economic & technological cooperation for the Chinese steel industry.

Our main business areas include organizing international exhibitions, conferences and technical exchanges in China; organizing enterprises to attend overseas exhibitions and hosting exhibitions abroad; undertaking CISA’s foreign affairs including daily liaison, organization and coordination of important events and providing related service.

MCIEC is officially registered and set up in 2010 to conduct international exchange and cooperation of the metallurgical industry. It works closely with MC-CCPIT and undertakes the same business activities.


Metallurgical Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade    Metallurgical Center for International Exchange and Cooperation

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