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18th Int'l Steel Market and Trade Conference

2023/4/7 16:47

Scheduled in May 2023 in Guangdong
Supported by China Iron & Steel Association, hosted by Metallurgical Council of CCPIT, and organized by Metallurgical Center for International Exchange and Cooperation and GuangDong Lecong Steel World Co., Ltd. , the 18th Int'l Steel Market and Trade Conference is going to take place at Lecong, Guangdong, during May 8-10, 2023 period.
In 2022, the steel industry faced many adverse factors such as high raw material prices, slow economic recovery, sluggish real estate industry, COVID-19 epidemics. All aspects of the steel industry chain were facing enormous challenges. Looking forward to 2023, with the implementation of the national economic recovery policy, the macro economy will continue to develop steadily and well. The high-quality development of the steel industry needs to continuously improve the basic industrial capacity and the service level of industrial chain modernization, organically combine the national strategy of expanding domestic demand with deepening supply side structural reform, accelerate the integration of "Internet plus steel" at the industry level, build a steel ecosystem with the industrial Internet as the core, optimize the allocation of industrial chain resources, and enhance the resilience of the supply and industrial chain.
What new issues and challenges will China's steel industry face? What new developments and opportunities will it usher in? What the production and demand of steel will be? whether the price of steel can remain stable, whether the raw material market can maintain stability, how enterprises should strengthen management to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and how environmental protection and industrial policies will affect the balance of market supply and demand are all important issues that need to be studied and resolved.
18th Steel Market and Trade Conference is an important conference focused on studying the development of China's steel market and trade. It is an important platform for China Iron and Steel Association to publish annual industry analysis and forecasts, and exchange information with upstream and downstream enterprises. It promotes enterprises to strengthen understanding and research on steel production, steel demand, and steel trade trends, guiding enterprises to make reasonable development strategies and trade policies. The conference plays an important role in promoting communication and cooperation between domestic steel investors, producers, traders, and users. The 18th Int'l Steel Market and Trade Conference was founded in 2000 and is currently held once a year. It has been held for 17 sessions so far.
The main topics of the conference include: analysis of domestic macroeconomic situation, analysis of the policy of China's steel industry, steel supply and demand situation and steel price trend in China's steel market, development and demand analysis of major steel consuming industries such as real estate, construction, household appliances, development of steel e-commerce platforms, operation of steel trading enterprises, operation of steel futures market.
Contacts of the Conference Organizer
Ms. Zhai Jing, Project Director
Conference Division, Metallurgical Council of CCPIT
46 Dongsi Xidajie, Beijing 100711, China
Tel: +86 10 65220754, 65243758

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